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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Tag!

What fun.
My pal Mackie, (who now rhymes up a storm!) has caught me in a game of tag. I'm supposed to list three things I like and three things I don't like for Christmas.

Well, let me start with the things I don't like:

1) Doggies who are left all alone at Christmas.
Now, I'm not usually the charitable sort (being a bit of a selfish terrier, I must admit), but Christmas time brings out my softer side and I get sad for all the doggies left in shelters at this time of year. Mom says there is a wirey, foxy terrier in the City shelter nearby. I guess we are going to go shopping for some toy and treats to donate to all the pups that haven't got people to serve them, er I mean, to care for them. Here's a picture of Winston. Wait, where did he go. I'll post a picture as soon as I can... In the meantime,
if you know anyone who needs a sweet, charming little guy to share their home, please contact the City of Boston Animal Shelter or search on

2) Cats. I don't like cats that are left alone at Christmas either. Of course, I don't like cats that have homes and loving owners at Christmas. I especially don't like cats that hang out in my backyard at Christmas! The thing I would least want to get for Christmas would definitely be a cat!

3) A long ride in the car on a cold and rainy day. Yuck. First, I don't want to go anywhere by car if I don't have to. Second, I hate when it's rainy because the water makes a loud noise and swishes around on the windshield...I just don't like the rain (or heavy snow for that matter!). But the worst part of a long car ride on a rainy day is that I don't get to take a nice long walk when I get out of the car, because it's too cold and wet. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous seat belt Mom makes me wear!
Bah Humbug!

I could list more than three you know: I don't want to get groomed for Christmas; I don't want to get clothes for Christmas; I don't want to dress up like a reindeer ;-( for Christmas...

Well, you get the idea.

Coming soon, What I do want for Christmas.

'Til then, you better watch out, you better be good
'Cuz there's a red guy in a suit in the 'hood
They say that he's jolly
But I say that's folly
He's both jury and judge
Once decided, won't budge
The stakes are quite high
Toys and presents and pie
Good girl or naughty
Pray that he's dotty
and forgets your foxy way
when piling presents in his sleigh.

Licks, banba

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, so my birthday was ten days ago, but my Mom has been busy...and then she got sick. I haven't had a chance to get near the computer, what with bringing her chicken soup and ginger ale and rainbow sherbert and stuff. I've been a very busy little foxy nurse.

But now I'm ready to share some thoughts on my birthday:

First, kudos to Grams for her birthday surprise for me: In addition to the traditional Gramma treat (yes, it's ice cream), I got a really cool coat that lights up, so EVERYBODY can see me in the dark!

Good job and a wag of the tail to Mom who found a brand new dog store in her old hometown. She just barely saved the day by stocking up on treats (loved the reindeers and the cheesesticks, but most of all I loved the doggie cannolis!). The wobbly ball that makes the funny noises is pretty cool, too. Way to go Mom.

At first, when Mom got sick, I thought her sleeping all day and staying home was a bonux birthday prsent for me. That was until she started demanding I wait on her hand and foot. Geesh. I'm only one dog, Mom. Only one little dog.

Next time, I'll catch you up on the Christmas shopping and the latest greeting card indignity....

Love to all my fans,

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've been traveling so much lately...I'm just exhausted! This past weekend saw another trip home to Gram's and Grampa's house--and Mom tells me we'll be heading back there again in a couple of days!

Lots of good things happen at Grams and Grampa's house ("gramma treats"--ice cream; special walks with Grampa followed by liver treats (hand many as I want, 'cuz Grampa loves me!). Then there are the long walks through the woods and to the football field (where, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I excel!).

This time, we went by the High School and Mom taught me a new word: mascot. Mascot is a really big and scary looking creature that guards the front of a school. The one in Mom's hometown is called a Lion. This Lion's is sparkly and silver and reflects the sunlight, so he looks twice as big and scary.

I think I rather resemble him.

Mom laughed and told me that I DO look like him. Then, she tried to convince me Leo Lion here was a cat. Can you imagine that? My own Ma thinks I'm so gullible as to believe that the silvery, strong, proud creature that stands guard over the students in that school is some kinda wussy cat? I think not. I know cats. I see them in my yard, I see them on my fence. I smell them from the bushes and chase after the scaredy creatures as they hop the fence to get away from me. I know cats, Mom. And Leo Lion here...He's all dog.