The happy ramblings of a sharp-witted canine scamp.

Monday, July 31, 2006

I am waiting, with bait for breath, to hear from you...I wish I could read...can't you just bark it to me? Fax, write, call or bark--whatever--just get in touch. And rub my tummy while you're at it?????

I am me roar. Well, bark at least. Ooooh, doesn't that snow look good! I can't wait for it to cool off a bit--remind me I said that sometime in February!

Dogs need room, and now I've got it: A little bit of cyber turf to call my own. Someplace to stretch my legs, scratch around in the dirt, and leave a little something behind so everyone knows I was here.

My name is Banba, and I'm a Wire-haired Fox Terrier. I live in a house with a little yard, where my buddies Jakey and Toby can come and play every morning and night. I love to wrestle and play (if it's not too hot or humid); I love to hunt for treats and splash around in mudpuddles (but only if I choose to jump in the puddle--I don't like to be pushed--and don't even think about touching my butt!); I love "Grandma treats" (Mom calls it puppy ice cream) and beef jerky and chicken strips and liver treats...all with whipped cream on top! Ooooh, I'm hungry just thinking about it!

I want to teach you some of my favorite games. My latest favorite is called Hunter-Wolf.

In order to play Hunter-Wolf, you need some tasty, smelly treats (bits of beef jerky, little livertreats, or even small slugs will do). First, you let all creatures, great and small, know that you are in your home turf, pee a bit, kick around or just bark. Then, you nudge your Mom or Jakey's Mom until they start tossing treats around the yard. Then, RUN! Jakey and Toby are pretty fast at finding treats and you don't want to get left behind! Run, sniff, dig and finally enjoy your, treat. It's a great game. We're told it's great exercise, too. Ha-ha, right, sure it is.

Okay, so that's my game. Any other dogs with games to share out there?

Hope to talk with you again soon,