The happy ramblings of a sharp-witted canine scamp.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Bone to Pick

I have heard tell around the dog park,
Of a wonderful tradition called "doggie bags"
Back in the day,
When the folks would go out to find food,
They would actually bring some succulent meats back for us,
their sovereigns,
in little hot bags or Styrofoam containers.

These meats sometimes would come attached to
Big, chewy, marrowy bones! Bones!
Not fake bones, bleached to protect the rug;
Not pressed rawhide with chicken flavoring sprayed on.
Real, honest to goodness big beefy bones
Just for us.

Last weekend, my Mom left me at home by mistake
When she went to visit Grandma and Grandpa
(She thought I didn't know where she was going—
But, of course I did!)
All day I plotted my revenge: I wasn't going to talk to her,
play fetch with her, walk with her, keep her warm by stretching across the bed
until she is forced to curl up in a tight ball (and thus be very warm!)
None of it!
I would snub her when she came through the door.

Then, she came through the door…
with a package of sweet ambrosia,
ah the smell
like a nest of earth worms in deep,
dark soil in May

I must admit, as soon as she genuflected to me
And handed me that bone…
All was forgiven.

And who could blame me?

Licks til next time,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Wait is Over
The Bitch is Back!

At long last, Mom has let me back at the keyboard!
We spent a wonderful Christmas/New Year's break
without "technological interruptions—

Then Mom went and got a new computer.
At first, I thought it would be great—
It certainly is prettier than our old one,
But then Mom would never let me use it.

"You might break it," she said (over and over), "or scratch it or spill something on it."

As if!

So, I waited and waited and waited for it to be my turn at the computer.
Oddly enough, I was also waiting and waiting and waiting for snow.
(More than dusting with frozen dirt peeking through, at least)
I mean, things were so not going my way,
I figured Mercury had to be retrograde or something!
But at long last, we got snow yesterday and now I have convinced Mom that it is not fair to my public…
To YOU, my fans…
To keep me from the keyboard any longer.

So, back I be.

And here's my first ode of the year:

Ode to the Valentine's Day Snow of 2007

I smell the cold white stuff through windows of glass
I know when I hear the north wind whipping past

Excited, I burst through the half-open door
Trailing Momma behind me I rush with a roar

I claim the front yard, the
side yard and back
In the name of all Terriers!
In the name of my pack!

Then Tobey pops in—He's never played in the stuff
He's a little put off, but he's acting all tough

We run and we play and we fetch the
orange Cuz
Don't tell my Mom but I've caught quite a buzz!

Intoxicating indeed, these white fluffy flakes
Oh what a difference a little snow makes
Into the house now Mom calls me, then feeds me, then bed
It's time to dream snow dreams, icy cats dance in my head

Merry Winter to all!
Licks, banba