The happy ramblings of a sharp-witted canine scamp.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Apologies to all my beloved readers
I meant to be better about updating my blog ,
but I'm afraid I've been a bit ill.
Nothing too serious--
I don't want any dog out there to fret.
Just some allergies, stomach trouble,
heat exhaustion and eye infection.

I guess you could say the spirit is willing
but the fur is weak.

Mom has been force feeding me medicine
(with a little steak to make it palatable)
So, I'm sure I will be up and about again very soon

Just when I think I'm free to blog...
Something pulls me back down.

Licks to all,

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Let it snow...Oh wait, no don't!

Wow, I didn't realize how long I had been away,
until I looked at the photograph I saved for you, my dear blogger pals:

OK, so it hasn't snowed around here in...well, in days anyway.

Finally! The weather is beautiful and Mom and I can take long walks around my territory
(There are far flung corners of my realm that I haven't been able
to visit in ages--what with all the ice and snow

Plus, there has been the little problem of my being away for so long...

That's a long story, I'll get back to that later).

Now where was I--Ah yes, Spring!
So, in anticipation of the sunny skies and warm breezes that would greet us at the door,
I encouraged Mom to hurry up and out for a walk

both yesterday morning and again this morning.
What, you may ask, did I find instead???

That's right.
Crazy people using strange metallic creatures

to make lots of noise and stir up lots of dust.
Lots of 'em
standing in the middle of my street
(don't they know about sidewalks???)

and putting a serious crimp in my morning plans.
Mom says the street is being paved.

I don't know what that is or why they are doing it

but I do know that this interruption to my routine
is unacceptable.
Get me the number to City Hall!

Licks and growls,